Mamma’s Moonshine

Mamma’s Moonshine is the first spirit I dreamed up for Twin Spirits.

It is called a Moonshine because it is distilled only once a month, on the full moon.

Moonshine is often a white corn whiskey, but not ours. We make ours from Minnesota honey. We basically make a Mead (a honey wine) that takes 4-6 weeks to ferment.

We spent many months experimenting with the recipe and have ended up with the recipe I first started with!

The label approval from the government has FINALLY been approved and as soon as our labels are printed and delivered we will start to sell 375ml bottles from the distillery then send a small pallet of 750ml bottles to our distributor.

We will add a hang tag on each bottle so you will know what full moon it was distilled on.

We are very excited about this product and hope you can get into the distillery and taste it!